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Rudy & the Bluefish started out in 1998 in an ongoing effort to "keep the blues alive," and have continued to deliver a potent dose of blues with a feelin', rhythm & blues, soul, funk, and blues rock at every performance ever since. There are four seasoned musicians in the band’s current core line-up: Van “The Man” on trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals; Tom EB ("Electric Bluesman") on vocals, guitar and harp; Ragan on drums and vocals; and Spencer on bass and vocals. Donnie "Schatt" Schattenberg regularly appears with the band, on sax, flute & vocals, for engagements at larger venues. Each of the members of the group has been performing and recording various musical styles for 30 years or more. Collectively, they've appeared in a wide variety of venues in most major cities throughout the United States and Europe.

Some members of the Bluefish also perform with the following bands:  "The Blue Dominos," "Blues in the Attic," "HoBoJa," "The Bluefish Trio," "Stevie D & Tom EB," "The Stevie D & Tom EB Trio" and "Stevie D & the Boys." You can find information about these bands below on this page, via Rudy's schedule link, and on Rudy's Facebook page.


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"BLUES IN THE ATTIC" SUNDAY OPEN MIC / JAM / PARTIES WILL RESUME, from 4 pm to 7 pm, AT BENNY'S PUB ON SELECTED SUNDAYS STARTING ON FEBRUARY 18, 2018. Benny's features a great food & huge drink selection. Additional dates to be posted here soon:  www.rudyandthebluefish.com/schedule

Benny's Pub Link:   https://bennyspub.com/

We're looking for a new location for the Blue Dominos Thursday Jams . . . be sure to send any suggestions to Rudy at:  rudybluefish@hotmail.com  . . . T H A N K S !


Click here to view SCHEDULE DATES (for "Rudy & the Bluefish," "HoBoJa," "Blues in the Attic," "The Blue Dominos," "The Bluefish Trio," "Stevie D & Tom EB," and "Stevie D & the Boys.")

Remember . . . whether you come out to jam or just to sit back and groove, you’ll always have a great time with Rudy and the boys.

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Click here to view SCHEDULE DATES (for "Rudy & the Bluefish," "HoBoJa," "Blues in the Attic," "The Blue Dominos," "The Bluefish Trio,"and "Stevie D & Tom EB.".)

Click on the following links to listen to live recordings of Rudy & the Bluefish, along with photos of our friends and followers:




Click here for HM Video/Interview with Tom EB

Click for a newspaper article on the Bluefish

Contact Rudy at:  rudybluefish@hotmail.com


More on Rudy's Other Bands:

"Blues in the Attic" - has hosted the original Sunday open jam/party at Blondie's (in Rouzerville, PA), Casey's (in Greencastle, PA), The Creekside Inn (in Hagerstown, MD), and  at Freddy's Woodpoint Grille (Hagerstown, MD) for over eight consecutive years; in addition to appearing at regular club dates and outdoor events. The band is currently hosting an open jam/party at Foster's on the Point (in Hagerstown, MD) Bon selected Sundays from 4 pm - 7 pm. SEE RUDY'S SCHEDULE PAGE FOR SPECIFIC DATES AND OTHER DETAILS.
Click here: www.rudyandthebluefish.com/schedule

Click on the following links to listen to live recordings of "Blues in the Attic," along with photos of our friends and followers:



"The Blue Dominos" -  Perform at various club dates and have hosted Thursday open jam/parties over the past four years.  The Blue Dominos are currently looking for a new home for this Thursday jams.

Click on the following link to listen to a live video recording of Jerry Mellott & Tom EB of "The Blue Dominos:"

"HoBoJa" - performs various club dates in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia (see schedule page for upcoming dates)
Click here to see "HoBoJa" and friends on YouTube!

"Stevie D & Tom EB" - Stevie D, who moved from the West Coast to Maryland in 2014, has teamed up with Tom EB to form a versatile duo that performs a wide-variety of musical styles (classic rock, contemporary, funk, folk, country, blues and more). 

"Stevie D & Tom EB Trio" - Stevie D and Tom EB have a trio that performs the same wide-variety of material with the addition of Tom Russell on drums. 

"The Bluefish Trio" - Rudy developed his latest project Stevie D (from their duo), along with Ragan Potts (from the Bluefish) to accommodate blues fans in smaller venues.

For booking info on any of the above bands, contact Rudy at:  rudybluefish@hotmail.com


CLICK HERE for the current schedule of engagements, directions, and other details for the RUDY & THE BLUEFISH and the other outstanding bands mentioned above!





CLICK HERE to EMAIL RUDY for your musical entertainment needs. Rudy can set you up with a solo performer, duo, or a full band (from 3 to 8 piece)!




  • Willie Dixon, the great song writer and bluesman who inspired so many blues musicians to "keep the blues alive!"
  • BB King, for his guidance on how to play blues with a feelin'
  • Elvis Presley for his efforts in popularizing the blues-inspired rock n' roll in the 1950's
  • Michael ("The Wildman") Holtzman, former lead vocalist and drummer, for all the energy, talent, friendship, and good times that he brought to the band from 1999 to 2005
  • Jason "Cool Hand" Chalfant, former guitarist, vocalist & webmaster for the Bluefish who will always be missed, but never forgotten, for his sincere kindness, talent and many contributions to the band.
  • "Robbie B" (the band's first bass player) who designed the Rudy logo
  • "Fast Eddie" Kight (the band's second bass player) for keeping us in the groove for four years.
  • "Diamond" Mike Jackson (the band's third bass player) for keeping us in the groove for four more years
  • "FunkDog" (Michael Clark, the band's fourth bass player and hardest working man in show business since James Brown) for all of his contributions (especially the giant stuffed fish)!
  • The late Laird Bush (former Bluefish guitarist) for keeping Tom EB's PC up and running for web site updates
  • Denny “DaKid” Mickley (former Bluefish guitarist) for his cooperative, easy going approach
  • All of the other former Bluefish (Steve Blackstock, Tom Taylor, Lenny Jones, Eddie Keller, Andy Wallace, Jimmy Norton, Denny Mickley, Chris Crawford, Dave Shendow, Paul Markuski, Dave Clements, Mike Martinez, & Chris Jackson,) and the other fine musicians (Jimmy Chalfant, Kenny Jackson, Denny Jackson, Lenny Everett, Jerry Mellott, Tony Calandrelle, Scott Benford, Aaron Worthy, and the late Billy Jones) who filled in for absent Bluefish when the need arose.
  • Shane O'Neill for his assistance at the 2005-2009 harmonica workshops and his hot harp playing every time he shows up at a gig for an impromptu jam with the Bluefish
  • Steve Kemp for hooking us up with Chris Crawford (who was MIA for 30+ years)
  • Nickel Boy for all of his assistance in hauling, setting up and running sound over the years
  • "Uncle Fred" for producing live Bluefish recordings and for featuring the band on WKMZ FM97.5.
  • Jimmy Foltz for helping the band keep the web site up and running in 2004
  • Ryan Deal, president of Pentester Technologies for all of his expert assistance and training to support the band’s web site
  • Mike Luipersbeck for designing and setting up the band's first web site in 1999 and volunteering to help us again when the need arose in 2004.
  • Mark Garland for all of the excellent photography work he has done for the band.
  • "Ssparx" for his ongoing photographic contributions, PC help and moral support.
  • The late Rick Hannon, for being a true friend and inspiration.
  • "Larry B" for featuring the band on WKMZ FM 97.5 and his great introductions at shows . . . not to mention his enthusiasm and singing at jam sessions.
  • Carl Disque, Karen Giffin, Laura Likely, Dave Fitzwater, Bob Collins, Keith Dagliano, Maggie Shorb and everyone associated with The Western Maryland Blues Fest for keeping the blues alive in Hagerstown and believing in the Bluefish.
  • Fred Knode and Brian Marquiss for their efforts to keep the blues alive by providing a new venue for the weekly Sunday "Blues in the Attic" jams in 2015
  • Kathy & Jay Reeder for helping us host the annual TWO-DAY Bluefish Blues Fest All-Star Jam Sessions at Hempen Hill BBQ!
  • Cynthia Moler (of Coldwell Banker) for having the first area real estate auction featuring the  Bluefish
  • Randy for publishing Bluefish dates in the Night Life Digest and donating  his lighting equipment and time at the Blues for Tots benefit concert
  • Tim Rowland (Herald Mail Columnist) for his insightful articles, support and kind words.
  • Dennis Walker for organizing the Freedom Blues Festivals in Cumberland, MD.
  • Mary Ellen and "Fast Eddie" Galvin for connecting the Bluefish to Baltimore.
  • Ted Chapman for his video work and moral/physical support.
  • Evette Gardner for her 6/01 Herald Mail Newspaper quote which indicated that "Rudy & the Bluefish was the most awesome of the bands at the 2001 Western Maryland Blues Fest."
  • Ritchie Hannon III for putting together the past Summer Bash benefit concerts and giving Tom EB a great deal on a Hannocaster
  • Ron Spruill for organizing the annual Blues for Tots benefit concert
  • Fred Russell for his ongoing photographic contributions and his input in the form of blues recordings
  • Dave Keithley for his excellent live recordings of the Bluefish
  • Sharon S, Julie G, Chris C and Jake W for keeping us in “The LOOP”
  • Larissa Newman, Jason Turner and Jamie Turner for the fine article and pictures in the March/April issue of the Hagerstown Magazine
  • Crystal Schelle for all of her efforts in publishing the band's scheduled engagements in the Herald-Mail newspaper
  • The late Tom III for being a fine son and great father who always provided and continues to provide invaluable inspiration to Tom EB
  • Bob Backer, owner of Blondie's Rouzerdome, for going the extra mile to keep the blues alive, by providing a great venue for the weekly "Blues in the Attic" jam for 4 years
  • Denise Fink, for helping to make sure everyone had a blast at the weekly "Blues in the Attic" jam while it was held at Blondie's Rouzerdome
  • The late Pete Robson who was a key founding member of "Blues in the Attic"
  • Cal Morris, owner of Casey's Restaurant & Lounge, and Maria Devore, the manager, for their efforts to keep the blues alive by providing a new venue for the weekly "Blues in the Attic" jams in 2012
  • Trevor Bourne for his strong support of live entertainment at the Crazy Horse Steakhouse
  • Mike Guessford and Sean Abeyta for bringing the weekly Blue Dominos' Thursday jam/open mic to Always Ron's
  • Michael Foster for finding a new home for the bi-monthly Blue Dominos Thursday open jam/party at Morris Frock American Legion Post 42 (in Hagerstown, MD)
  • Last, but not least . . .    ALL OF OUR FRIENDS (listeners and musicians) who support and jam with the band at each engagement . . . without you, there would be no Bluefish!